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The blog and I

“It’s me!” said Winston Churchill, introducing himself on a radio broadcast.  To begin equally ungrammatically:

About I: I’m Kim, a. k. a. George Kimmich Beach, a mostly retired Unitarian Universalist minister, living in Madison County, Virginia, where I tend the vineyard, make wine, work with ceramics, and in general keep the old farm (or what’s left of it, namely 26 acres) going.  Along with my dear wife, Barbara Kres Beach.  And our cats, Goldie (a. k. a. Momma), Sneaky, and Calico.  Sad to report, Fluffy–the biggest and toughest of the family–died  last month under mysterious circumstances.   Sometimes I conduct weddings (occastionally here at Campicello),  memorial services, and Sunday services.   (Contact me if you’re interested in such services, more or less  in our neck of the woods.)  I’m a member of the local Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Association chapter, and of UU congregations in Charlottesville and Sperryville.  I serve on the five-county Community Services Board, last year as Chair, representing Madison County.   I also write. 

About the blog: Like the Campicello, the vineyard, the blog strives to open a “little field,” a space in the spiritual and social wilderness of our world, where energizing religous ideas and unifying social concerns can take root and grow.  Sound grandiose?  If we can open even a small field for reflection and connection, “it would have been enough,” dayeinu!    What’s more, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is just down the road.

 The subject matter is pretty broad: religion (especially of the liberal sort, but I’m wary of labels) and social development (especially social-ethical concerns), and the intersection between the two.  My special interest in James Luther Adams goes way back.  As a Unitarian Universalist minister and a professor of social ethics, at Chicago and Harvard, Adams’s intellectual work and social engagements exemplifies the same  intersection, between theology and society.   And tension, we should note.  May it be a creative tension!

 After Jim’s death in 1994 I inherited part of his extensive library and the Albrecht Duerer print which hung for many years in his study.  This image was used for the bookplace created for his books which I gave to the Transylvanian Unitarian Theological Institute.  (Thanks to Rev. Kirsten Mueller for Latinizing the text.)  The photo at the head of this page shows me in front of a bookcase with some of the Adams books, in Kolozsvar (a. k. a. Cluj-Napoca), Romania, in 2010.  

About other pages:  

Books & publications describes books I’ve written or edited, and note other relevant publications. 

Essays & sermons excerpts or reprints short works on religion and social development, by me and by others.  

James Luther Adams Workshop is for discussion of Adans’s life and thought, and especially his continuing relevance to theological and ethical concerns.  Information, inquiries, and comments are welcomed; the Workshop is a collaborative enterprize. 

Events & links notes events (conferences, lectures) likely to be of interest to Campicello readers, and links to other relevant websites and blogs; readers are invited to contribute items.

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  1. Deborah Koller permalink
    May 21, 2013 8:33 am

    I’m not surprised that you are such a learned man. Having met you last night and conversed on other issues, I didn’t know what your other passions were besides singing, but now I see your schedules are equally busy like mine.
    I have someone here you may like to meet. He has an extensive library – and in fact has been reducing it lately and people have come from as far away as England to purchase portions of it.
    Thank you for spending some conversation time with me and sharing your interest in Chorale and education.

  2. Ruth Garn Garrison permalink
    January 15, 2014 5:32 pm

    Hi Kim! Just a quick note to let you know I am still “searching” but have found a most satisfactory niche in Gail Geisenhainer’s UU Congregation of Ann Arbor. Even my husband attends, after a hiatus of non-church for about 4 years. Music is fantastic! Ruth Garn Garrison

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